Cooperation Agreement between ASEAN Secretariat and ILO

30 Mar 2007   |  ASEAN Forum on Migrant Labour (AFML)   |  Implementation  




The Association of Southeast Asian Nations Secretariat (referred to as “ASEAN Secretariat”) and the International Labour Office, Secretariat of the International Labour Organization (referred to as “ILO”),


CONSIDERING that the objectives of the ASEAN are (i) to accelerate economic growth, social progress and cultural development in the region through joint endeavours in the spirit of equality and partnership in order to strengthen the foundation for a prosperous and peaceful community of

Southeast Asian nations, and (ii) to promote regional peace and stability through mutual respect for justice and the rule of law in the relationship between countries in the region and adherence to the principles of the United Nations Charter;


RECOGNIZING that the International Labour Organization, as an international organization, contributes to the attainment of social justice through the promotion of decent work, encompassing international labour standards, skills development, employment, industrial relations, social

protection, and social dialogue, in order to enable men and women to have decent, and productive work in conditions of freedom, equity, security and human dignity throughout the world;


MINDFUL that the ASEAN and the ILO Secretariats have a mutual interest in intensifying cooperation in respect to matters of common concern; and


CONVINCED that the development and strengthening of such cooperation between their secretariats would be of mutual benefit to both organizations and would enhance cooperation between their Member States;        



Have agreed as follows:


Article 1


Purpose and scope


The purpose of the present Cooperation Agreement is to facilitate collaboration between the ASEAN and the ILO Secretariats in areas of common interest. Such cooperation shall include:


(a) the exchange of relevant information, documentation, books, studies, research results and good practices, as a means to promote cooperation and complementarity in their work;


(b) cooperation in the implementation of programmes and projects, including but not limited to occupational health and safety, HIV/AIDS and the workplace, employment implications of trade agreements, labour market reforms and industrial relations, youth employment, vocational training, social security and labour migration;


(c) research studies, including gathering statistics, on matters of mutual interest;


(d) representation at specified meetings of each organization based on formal invitation;


(e) mutual cooperation in all other aspects that are consistent with the objectives of both organizations and the spirit of this Cooperation Agreement.


Article 2


Mutual consultation


The ASEAN and the ILO Secretariats shall maintain regular consultations on issues and activities of strategic importance for the purposes of furthering and facilitating the effective achievement of the objectives they have in common and of ensuring the greatest possible coordination of activities with

a view to maximizing complementarity and mutual support.


Article 3


Exchange of information


Subject to such arrangements as may be necessary to safeguard the status of confidential material available to them, the ASEAN and the ILO Secretariats shall exchange information and documentation on matters of common concern within their domains, and shall keep each other informed of current and planned activities of mutual interest for the purpose of identifying areas in which cooperation between them may prove desirable.


Article 4


Meetings and Workshops


The ASEAN and ILO Secretariats shall seek to continue and develop the dialogue established through participation in meetings relevant to the cooperation between them. In this regard, particular reference is made to the ASEAN Senior Labour Officials’ Meeting (SLOM) and to workshops

convened by the ILO on employment and labour issues. These meetings and workshops will serve as the mechanism for reporting on progress of activities carried out under this Cooperation Agreement. Invitations to such meetings and workshops shall be subject to the procedures of the respective organizations and participation shall be at each organization’s own expense.



Article 5


Administrative and financial arrangements


(1) Any activity carried out by the ASEAN Secretariat or ILO Secretariat pursuant to this Cooperation Agreement must be consistent with the policies, rules and regulations of the respective organization.


(2) To ensure the achievement of the objectives of this Cooperation Agreement and to facilitate its implementation, the ASEAN and the ILO Secretariats shall establish close cooperation, and to this end the staff shall meet on a regular basis, at least twice a year, to plan and agree, as appropriate, on specific activities, in accordance with the priorities set by

their respective organization. Activities to be implemented under this Cooperation Agreement shall be subject to prior consultations and written agreement, in accordance with the practices and procedures of the two organizations, delineating the respective administrative and financial

responsibilities of each of the parties.


Article 6


Focal Points


The ASEAN Secretariat and the ILO Secretariat designate the following focal points for all purposes associated with this Cooperation Agreement, once it has entered into force:


(a)   for the ASEAN Secretariat:


Deputy Secretary-General of ASEAN

The ASEAN Secretariat



(b) for the International Labour Office:



ILO Office Jakarta


Article 7


Entry into force, modification and termination


This Cooperation Agreement will enter into force on the date on which it is signed by both authorized representatives of the ASEAN and ILO Secretariats.


The Cooperation Agreement may be modified or replaced by written agreement of the parties.


The Cooperation Agreement may be terminated by the mutual consent of the two parties or by either party giving the other party six (6) months written notice. This period shall commence as from the date of receipt of the notice of termination.


In line with the administrative nature of the provisions of this Cooperation Agreement, no provision herein shall be construed so as to interfere in any way with the independent decision-making autonomy of each organization with regard to its conduct of affairs, financing or operations.


Done at Geneva, Switzerland this Twentieth Day of March in the Year Two Thousand and Seven, in two original copies in the English Language.


For the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Secretariat


ONG KENG YONG                                                         

Secretary General of ASEAN                                    


 For the International Labour Office




International Labour Office



1 ASEAN refers to the ASEAN Secretariat in this document, unless otherwise stated.

2 As provided in article 10 of the Constitution of the International Labour Organisation.



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